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I started out sewing baby shoes (Kyokis) on the couch with my leg in a big cast as I had just fractured my knee cap. It took my mind of things. Sewing cute baby shoes gave me the chance to express myself creatively which was very much needed during that time. I had a blast combining colors and patterns and became obsessed with prints and implementing trends into baby kicks. As I started posting some of my stuff on social media people responded with great enthusiasm which gave me the push to take this more seriously.


When I finally got the confidence, I dared to dream bigger. I dropped out of medical school (yikes) because I realised that creating truly makes me happy. I needed to follow my heart and do this for a living.


Then I found a new medium: Polymer Clay. I grew out of sewing and the baby world, and found my true calling in making earrings! I slowly transitioned into making it my full time job. And now I make earrings when my kids (Kyano and Oaklee) are sleeping or at school. 

I feel like this is only the beginning! I have big dreams. If you have big dreams, don't let fear or imposter syndrome stop you from chasing them! Just start already (let this be your sign)... even if you feel like you are not ready.

Thank you So much for checking out my page!

Much love xx, 


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