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The kyoki story

I started sewing Kyokis on the couch with my leg in a big cast as I had just fractured my knee cap. It took my mind of things and there were no cute babyslippers around for my little one. I wanted something with cool prints in bold colors instead of all the plain leather moccs with embroidery on it I had been seeing around. Sewing cute babyshoes gave me the chance to express myself creatively which was very much needed during that time. I had a blast combining colors and patterns and became obsessed with prints and implementing trends into baby kicks. As I started posting some of my stuff on social media people responded with great enthusiasm which gave me the push to take this more seriously. When I finally got the confidence, I dared to dream bigger. I realized that creating cute kicks for yummy feet truly makes me happy, and I needed to do this for a living. 

With Kyoki I hope to stand out from the "crowd" with our fun designs, prints and color combinations. Something different that's affordable and also good quality. I want parents to remember the fun shoes their littles were wearing and more importantly, the smiles and pride on their faces as they took those first steps. 

KyoKi (pronounced key-oh-key) is short for "Kyo Kicks", and Kyo is short for my son's name Kyano. My message to him is to always do what makes him happy and that is what I hope to show him with this brand. Furthermore, I hope to inspire other moms to take that leap of faith! We only have one life to live and we CAN raise our families and follow our (other) dreams at the same time.

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